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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Angel Of Death - Collection (3 Song)

Artist - Angel Of Death
Genre - Black Metal|Progressive|Metal
Year - Unknown
Country - Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia

1. Shake Regret
2. Tragedi Bali
3. Whisper In Anger

Angel Of Death Biography

Angel of Death proclaimed as a band on the middle of 1999 in Sukabumi. The original member was Faizal (lead guitar) and Reza (bass). In early 2000 AoD (Angel of Death) recruited new drummer, Iman (ex. Obligator), even though at the end of 2001 his position replaced by Lucky (Black Ramstein). On their new formation, they recorded their first four songs (which compiled with other band’s songs in one album), produced by Dark Banner Prod. But this is not their last formation, because then came Ghea (ex, Auditor) to ‘build’ another 8 songs. The last one, Edwin from Obligator put on the list on the early 2003.

In the middle of 2001, AoD released their demo track contained 4 songs :

- Shake Regret (compilation, from Head In The Clouds Production, 2002)

- Futher Therion (compilation, from Roofless Room Production)

- The Metal Warriors

- Whisper In Anger (compilation, from Blacker Than Darkness Production)

In the end of 2002, Angel of Death finished their 13 songs that recorded on the Dialog Studio made by “Dadi Garoet” as operator. But the result of this recording buried themselves by Faizal because he thought it was not qualified from quality side, only used in the internal group members.

At the first period they sungs Black Metal genre, but then the became more ‘mature’, so Angel of Death tried to be more progressive atmospheric metal after they recruited Edwin as the new drummer (from Obligator) in the end of 2003.

For the vocal part, in the early 2000 AoD recruited Agusty (Doyok) from Transylvania (RIP) and Dery from Nocturnum (RIP). But in the end their position replaced by Faizal, also a lead guitarist.

In the end of 2002 Angel of Death again recruited new guitaris, that is Hans, and helped by two female (Mira and N Cim), and Roges at the keyboard position. But they only lasted for one year because the changing of AoD concept made them retraced back their music.

So, between 2003 – October 2006 Angel of Death declared themselves a a Progressive Metal group, with the members :

Faizal (vocal and lead guitar)

Hans (guitar)

Reza (bass) RIP 2005 then replaced by additional player Denok from Obligator and Alip from Tester

Edwin (drums)

Agusty and Deri (additional growl and scream vocal)

Wawah (keyboard)

In the middle of 2006 Angel of Death broke-up themselves, but in the early of 2007 Faizal tried to re-build Angel of Death with the following additional players :

Deni (bass, from Obligator)

Amoy (guitar, from Obligator)

Bonang Borgol (drums)

Finally, white flag of this band came at December of 2007 (RIP) but Faizal still hope to return to the local gigs,at least in the early 2010…

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