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Monday, August 3, 2009

Extreme Decay - Sampah Dunia Ketiga

Artist - Extreme Decay
Album - Sampah Dunia Ketiga
Genre - Grindcore|Trash|Metal
Year - Unknown
Country - Malang, East Java, Indonesia

1. Amoral
2. Condemned System
3. Decay In Your Mind
4. Degradation
5. Desperate Life Act 2
6. Eksis Tak Terhenti
7. Euphoria Of Mass Brutality
8. Fight For Self-Respect
9. For Sell (What's Left)
10. Hard But Coreless
11. Invisible Chain
12. Konfrontasi
13. Kultur Barbar
14. Politik
15. Pressure
16. Realize Peace This World
17. Respect Now
18. Terampas Atau Tercabut
19. Tereksploitasi
20. Terror Reign
21. Thanks
22. Unrest Condition
23. We Aren't The Center Of This
24. What Your Fighting For
25. Wonderful vacation ship
26. Terror

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