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Monday, August 3, 2009

Obsesif Kompulsif - The Taste Of Trash

Artist - Obsesif Kompulsif
Album - The Taste Of Trash
Genre - Trash|Punk|Grindcore
Year - Unknown
Country - Depok, West Java, Indonesia

1. Small Show Great Friends
2. The Old Man Winning
3. Luxuriant Stole My Friend
4. School Not Cruel
5. What Happen With Me
6. Evil Never Heard
7. Don't Blame My Genetic
8. Hanya Memuji Bukan Memuja
9. Harga Mati Untuk Tetap Hidup
10. Fake Human Unity
11. Cuma-cuma Belajar si Doel aja Jadi Insyinyur
12. See Thru Their Lies (Vitamin X)/Way It Was (Secret Seven)
13. [Unknown Name....]
14. Pemberontakan Itu Mahal
15. Reaksioner Membabi Buta
16. Makan Sampe Kenyang
17. Hantam Hajar Sikat
18. I'm Fall In Love With You
19. Budi Kenal Rasanya Bentoel

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