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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day to Embrace (Indonesia Indiepop Scene)

Artist - VA
Album - Day to Embrace (Indonesia Indiepop Scene)
Genre - Indiepop
Year - Unknown
Country - Indonesia

Track List
1. Olive tree - Winter Holiday
2. Natalie - Everyday is Sunday
3. Brilliant at Breakfast - If Monday'd Never Come
4. Dear Nancy - Ordinary Friends
5. Nostrovia - Live The Life
6. Sundae Sunday - I Hate This Town
7. Marching March - Rainy Sad September (Nobodycansing Mix)
8. Mini Crayon - Friends
9. Greats - Ode Tentang Kecantikan
10. The Jumping Balloon - Send Me a Message
11. Jodi In The Morning Glory Parade - Sun Flower
12. The Trees & The Wild - Irish Girl
13. Dojihatori - Mr. Edward Robinson
14. New Ride - Shine
15. 1900 Yesterday - TheRomantic Moment In Ourlife
16. LAMPUKOTA - Definitely My Day
17. Ar and Li - Sometimes I Feel Like a Girl
18. Under My Pillow - Langit Mendung Dan Senja
19. Spring/Summer - Wrong
20. Personal states - Be there
21. Bad lovers company - Peacefulness Addiction

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